Treatment for patients suffering from lyme disease and co-infections

Vital-Klinik Dreizehnlinden is the only one offering full treatment for patients suffering from lyme disease, its co-infections and other rare diseases. You can stay in the clinic for diagnostic and treatment as inpatient.

Depending on the patients' diagnoses we are offering oral or i.v. medication (infusions in the most cases). Additionally we are able to perform naturopathic treatment, rehabilitation medicine, psychological support etc.

The duration of a stay is varying from about 2 weeks (most patients) up to 8 weeks (rarely, but sometimes necessary).

All further details regarding special situations of patients always should be organized directly and planned individually.
Patients needing special nursing and with certain medical problems as well as special wishes and attempts are asked to contact the clinic in time to ensure high quality of service, at least about 4 weeks in advance!

In case patients from abroad are planning to come to our clinic we suggest to organize some points in advance which will make your visit or stay in the clinic much more effective:

If you do not mind Dr. Bennefeld would like to ask you to send him a  list with your symptoms, the drugs (especially antibiotics) you have been taking for treating and the results of that, as well as copies of the lab results which have been obtained in the last years.
In addition you should make an appointment in the clinic for a personal check. This is not only useful for making up the doctor‘s mind about your situation, but in addition due to German laws physicians are not allowed to give any recommendation to patients whom they do not know themselves personally.

Of course, you can come here either for an outpatient visit or for an inpatient stay. Such an appointment very often will be used for taking another blood sample if - after medical history and personal check - there might be the necessity for further lab tests.
While you are waiting for the results sometimes the physicians already can start with some therapies - or you may use the time (normally about 1 to 3 days) for travelling around a little bit.
Hoping these information will be helpful for you the staff of the hospital is looking forward to welcome you in Vital-Klinik Dreizehnlinden.